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Smart POE Switch 4CH FG-4842M

  • High Data Transfer Speeds
  • PoE Management and Control
  • Compact and Sturdy Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • VLAN Support for Network Segmentation
  • Smart Network Management
  • Remote Management and Monitoring
  • Enhanced Network Reliability


Product Description:

  1. 4-Port PoE Support: The Smart POE Switch 4CH features four PoE ports, providing power and data connectivity to PoE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones. This eliminates the need for separate power adapters, reducing cable clutter and simplifying installation.
  2. High Data Transfer Speeds: The switch supports high-speed data transfer rates, typically Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps). This ensures fast and efficient communication between connected devices, facilitating smooth data transmission and reducing latency.
  3. Plug-and-Play Installation: With plug-and-play functionality, the Smart POE Switch 4CH allows for easy and hassle-free installation. It automatically detects connected devices and configures the appropriate settings, saving time and effort during setup.
  4. PoE Management and Control: The switch provides intelligent PoE management features, including PoE scheduling, power allocation, and device monitoring. Administrators can efficiently control power usage, reset devices remotely, and manage power budgets for optimized performance.
  5. Compact and Sturdy Design: The switch is designed with a compact form factor, making it easy to install in various environments, whether wall-mounted, placed on a desktop, or mounted in a network rack. Its robust build ensures reliability and longevity in demanding networking scenarios.
  6. Energy Efficiency: The Smart POE Switch 4CH is designed with energy-saving features, automatically adjusting power consumption based on the connected devices’ requirements. This contributes to reduced electricity usage and lower operating costs.
  7. VLAN Support for Network Segmentation: The switch supports Virtual LAN (VLAN) technology, allowing administrators to segment the network into isolated groups. This enhances network security, minimizes broadcast traffic, and improves overall network performance.
  8. Smart Network Management: This switch incorporates smart management features, such as Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization and bandwidth control. These features enable administrators to prioritize critical network traffic and manage bandwidth distribution effectively.
  9. Remote Management and Monitoring: The switch can be managed and monitored remotely through web-based interfaces or dedicated network management software. This allows administrators to oversee the network’s status, troubleshoot issues, and perform configurations from a central location.
  10. Enhanced Network Reliability: With its advanced switching technology and built-in protection mechanisms, the Smart POE Switch 4CH ensures a stable and reliable network operation, minimizing downtime and maintaining continuous connectivity.




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