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Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) 450W Black Prime


  • Efficient Power Delivery
  • 450-Watt Output
  • Universal Input Voltage
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection
  • Quiet and Intelligent Cooling
  • Multiple Connectors
  • Compact and Modular Design


Product Description:

The Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) 450W Black Prime is a high-performance and reliable power supply unit designed to deliver efficient and stable power to various electronic devices and computer systems. With its sleek black finish and advanced features, it is a perfect choice for casual users and enthusiasts seeking top-notch power delivery for their plans. The features and benefits of the SMPS 450W Black Prime:

  1. Efficient Power Delivery: The SMPS 450W Black Prime utilizes advanced switching technology to convert and deliver power with high efficiency. This means less power loss and reduced energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills and environmental impact.
  2. 450-Watt Output: With a robust power output of 450 watts, this SMPS can handle the power demands of various setups, including gaming rigs, multimedia workstations, and standard office systems. It provides sufficient power for multi-GPU configurations, high-end CPUs, and power-hungry components.
  3. Universal Input Voltage: The SMPS 450W Black Prime supports a wide range of input voltages, making it compatible with different power standards worldwide. This feature ensures it can be used in various locations without the need for additional converters or adapters.
  4. Active Power Factor Correction (PFC): The integrated active PFC circuit optimizes the power factor, improving overall efficiency and reducing reactive power loss. This results in smoother power delivery and enhanced stability for connected devices.
  5. Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection: The SMPS 450W Black Prime incorporates multiple protective mechanisms, including overvoltage and overcurrent protection, safeguarding your valuable components from potential damage caused by power fluctuations or short circuits.
  6. Quiet and Intelligent Cooling: Equipped with a high-quality fan and intelligent thermal management, the SMPS 450W Black Prime ensures efficient heat dissipation while maintaining a low noise level. This makes it suitable for noise-sensitive environments or situations where silence is preferred.
  7. Multiple Connectors: The power supply features a comprehensive set of connectors to accommodate various peripherals and components, including SATA drives, graphics cards, motherboards, and peripheral devices. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of modern hardware configurations.
  8. Compact and Modular Design: The compact form factor of the SMPS 450W Black Prime allows for easy installation in standard PC cases. Additionally, the modular cabling system enhances cable management, reducing clutter and improving airflow inside the case.
  9. Compliance and Certifications: The SMPS 450W Black Prime adheres to industry safety standards and certifications, such as CE, FCC, and RoHS, ensuring that the product is safe, reliable, and eco-friendly.




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